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Nutriate - Travel Assortments


Nutriate - Travel Assortments

$ 10.00

Traveling is stressful enough without also having to wonder where you can find great-tasting food that's also good for your health and is sourced from companies that support communities and the environment.  Nutriate's Travel Assortments are designed to provide one person one day's worth of of snacks, entrees, and beverages.  The Travel Assortments are curated and periodically changed to make ordering convenient and easy, while also ensuring variety in your menu..

When ordering, just choose the Travel Assortment amount that you prefer for the number of days of your travel, the shipping address, and the day you will be arriving in the Comments section when you order.  If you are traveling to multiple destinations, please make a separate order for each leg of your trip so that we get your Assortments to you at the right place at the right time.  If you have special dietary requirements (vegetarian - please specify if eggs/honey/fish okay, vegan, kosher, paleo), please add the Custom Assortment item and let us know in the Comments section when ordering so that we can help you meet your dietary needs.

Please help us make your travel go more smoothly by ordering your Travel Assortments early.  For travel to West coast destinations, 7 business days is strongly recommended (many hotels have special guest shipping requirements).  For East coast destinations, 12 business days is recommended.

* Contents may vary from items shown.

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