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Nutriate - Beverage Assortments


Nutriate - Beverage Assortments

$ 49.99

Tired of the same old coffee (oh, oh, look!  now artificial creamer!), tea (yes, they have Lipton's ... still), Coke (now that'll make my next dental visit pleasant), and water (hmm, bottled or water service this time, choices, choices...) option?  How about lugging all those drinks to your car then up to your office!?

Our assortments are designed for one person to have at least three beverages per day, five days per week, plus extra just-add-water drinks (such as tea bags, drink powders/tablets) to make drinking the extra water you need a bit easier.   We include a wide variety of beverages that we rotate in your subscription so you always have new things to look forward to enjoying.  There are canned green teas and cold brew coffees, low sugar energy drinks, juices, as well as bag teas, teasans, and effervescent vitamin, energy, & hydration tablets.  Orders are shipped for up to four weeks at a time, so you'll have plenty of choices to choose from, too!  

When ordering, each subscription order is for one person receiving enough drinks for one week (15 containers of beverages along with various teas/teasan/tablets).  

What's also nice is that all of Nutriate's products come from companies that are working to make the world a better place!

* Contents may vary from items shown.

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